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Initiation Fees
New Members Only


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There is a one-time, non-refundable Initiation Fee for our new members of $260.

Swim and Tennis Membership – One Time Payment


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Make a one-time payment for your Yearly dues. 

First year members, don’t forget to add your initiation fees to the cart as well.


Tennis Only Membership – One Time Payment


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Only interested in tennis? This membership will not grant you access to the pool.


Set up a Yearly Automatic Payment

Help out our volunteer Board by setting up an automatic payment.

Swim and Tennis Membership – Automatic Payment


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Are you a returning member?

Set up an automatic payment and your Paypal account will be rebilled yearly from today’s date. Once an automatic payment profile has been created, this year’s price is locked in (so we can’t raise your dues without cancelling the profile). You can cancel your profile, directly through Paypal.

For new members use the option below, as this will include our $260 initiation fee (if you already added the initiation fee as a separate purchase, you can remove it from your cart)…


What’s Next After Paying?

Expect a few emails, and be sure to check your junk mail if you aren’t seeing them.

  1. Purchase Receipt from Paypal. Keep for your records in case your company reimburses you for joining a health club.

  2. Important: Your Welcome Email which contains information about our club.

  3. Shortly after your order, you can check into the Member Dashboard using the default pin of 1111


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